Hillsong United's Album Cover Launched Into Space

16 March 2015


We thought if ever there was a place to launch our new album, it should be somewhere that we’ve never been before. And in a world that strives desperately to reach new heights, in search of new highs, we thought we would send this thing as far and as high as we could go naturally, knowing full well that where this thing will land, and ultimately what this project and our lives are all about, begins and ends where our knees hit the ground.

EMPIRES is the story of two worlds. Our prayer and desire has been to simply create the most honest project we could. Songs that seek to listen first, and then with God’s breath speak the good news reality of Jesus and His grace into the dichotomy, tension and hopeful-collision of this broken and fragile world we see here and now, and the unshakeable and mysterious reality of the Kingdom we can’t see, but no-less know is here – and NOW. #EMPIRES