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Apr 28 2015

'Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.…’
Matthew 6:9-10 

There are pressing issues the world over, that demand our time and attention each and every day.  Issues that should awake our hearts to the reality of evil upon the world and our need for Jesus more than ever.

Today, heavy on the hearts of many Australians – including my family and mine – is the impending execution of two young men, Andrew and Myuran, in South East Asia.  I do not claim to have all the answers or to dismiss the severity of what they did; nor do I have any desire to politicise the issue of capital punishment.  

However, I am confident in my belief that God is the Author of Life, the giver of mercy and that his ways are far above ours.  God created life and he is all about restoring it.  As Christians, I believe that that our outworking of that doesn’t leave room for the barbarism of capital punishment – in any form, anywhere.

God’s justice always extends the opportunity for reconciliation, both with Himself and others.  It is always Gods intention, and it should also be ours. 

By all accounts, these two young men – whom I have had the great privilege of being in personal contact with over the last number of months – have not only accepted the mercy and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, but have also rehabilitated themselves to be upstanding members of the prison system.  Even in jail they have made a positive contribution to the lives of other prisoners, and sought to pay their debt to society. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew Chan almost everyday and his faith and strength under extreme duress, have inspired me.


Drugs are a destructive social weapon, and their prevalence in this day and age must be a focus of our efforts for change. Trafficking of drugs must be a condemned behaviour – something that both Andrew and Myuran understand more than ever – but not one with such absolute and irreversible consequences. 

In the world, power is understood as a show of authority, irrespective of opposing views – yet, Jesus model of power was one of humility and grace.  God has pardoned us all, he has and continues to extend grace to our wrongdoings.  Extending grace is not a sign of weakness, but of believing in life and in people.

In a time where feelings of helplessness and despair can feel so close, we are told to PRAY. 


Mercy.  Where there is life, there is hope and I believe that miracles DO still happen.

Pray for Andrew and Myuran. That they would experience the tangible peace and presence of the Holy Spirit and the felt prayers of thousands around the world.  That if indeed they are in their last days, their words and actions would be a testimony to all who come in contact with their story.

Pray for their family and friends. That even now God would give them hope in the face of hopelessness and supernatural joy in the face of fear.

Pray for the nation of Australia. That this issue would awaken our own country to the reality of life and death and the forgiving, saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Pray for others facing a similar fate in nations around the world. 

With love, prayers and faith for miracles,


Image via Ben Quilty