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Our ANZACS: A Life of Legacy

Apr 24 2015

What an honour it is to commemorate with our entire nation the centenary of the ANZACS – the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and the 100th anniversary of their Gallipoli landing.

It is a great reflection of our proud nation that one hundred years on, we are just as passionate about remembering the sacrifice of our armed forces (and their families) as we ever have been.  In today’s world, there is temptation to become familiar with honour and tradition, but I believe most every Australian will stop today and remember those that have gone before us. Their great sacrifice and losses were for our future, for generations that they would never know and the precious freedoms we enjoy today. Profound sacrifice leaves a profound legacy, and one that is worthy of remembrance, honour and gratitude – even 100 years on. 

I believe the Bible also makes reference to legacy.  Psalm 112.6 says ‘…The righteous will be in everlasting remembrance.’

It would be a great disservice if we stopped today to remember the sacrifice and courage of our armed forces one hundred years ago, and failed to reflect on the thousands of Australians who are currently involved in both battles and peacekeeping missions, as well as social justice and humanitarian endeavours across the earth today. Everywhere you look, from Syria to Darfur; Nigeria to Iraq; to the comfortable suburbs of our own cities and neighbourhoods, there continues to be crimes against humanity and devastating injustice perpetrated upon the human race.

One of the greatest decisions you can make this ANZAC Day is to choose to live a life that is dedicated to accomplishing and building something that will stand as a testimony or legacy for the generations ahead…just as our centenary soldiers did.

This is especially my prayer for the Church – May we live lives dedicated to justice and to placing value on others just as God commands us to do. So that one hundred years on, people are still stopping to remember our life’s contribution, compassion and legacy.

With love, Brian