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The Highlight Of My Year

Apr 8 2015

Colour Conference has been the highlight of my year every year for the past 19 years. It is so much more than a conference; it is an on-going journey of a movement of women, a Sisterhood committed to outworking God’s purpose on the earth. It is truly a breath-taking experience as God continues to unveil His love for women and their strategic place in His plan. There are so many things I loved about this year’s conference that I barely know where to begin.

I loved the strong and courageous leadership of Bobbie Houston. As always, her message was powerful and prophetic and prepared us all for the battle. Her commitment to placing value on women is stunning and inspiring. Her authenticity and open heart is contagious and liberating. I loved that my teenage daughter sat on the edge of her seat through every session taking copious notes. For this mother, that right there was the greatest prize. When something impacts your own children so powerfully, and helps to set a firm foundation in their lives, you lean in at a whole new level. It is no longer only about the women out there or me, but about my very own daughter.

I loved watching the Spirit of God work powerfully through a 30-year-old young woman, DawnCheré. My heart leapt as I caught a glimpse of the strength and confidence He has placed in the new generation. I loved the powerful ministry of Sheila Walsh. She spoke redemptive love and grace into the broken, weary and despondent. To see the broken fragments of people’s lives put back together, never gets old for me. It was not that long ago that very woman was me. I loved the heaven breathed and anointed creative elements that swept us into the presence of God. I especially loved the value that was placed upon men, because it is only as men and women work together that the true image of God is reflected on the earth.

My Senior Pastor preached a powerful, transparent and vulnerable message that helped us to understand and support the men in our world more effectively. I loved the tender gift moment where Bobbie presented us with a special Bible that was given to us to give to a man in our world as the Holy Spirit directed us. After 26 years of following Jesus, I was able for the first time to gift this gift to each of my brothers (my daughter Catherine also had a bible to gift). What left me gobsmacked was the receptivity of my brothers toward this gift. It was truly as though the Holy Spirit had been preparing them for that very moment. There was no resistance and much genuine gratitude. Only God could have known the timing and only God could have prepared their hearts. I saw afresh, first-hand, the power of a gift, and not any gift but the very Word of God. I believe that as the Word is sown into their lives and hearts it will bear much fruit.

This year felt very personal for me in that my very own family was deeply impacted by a gathering of women in Sydney. That is what it is all about. Jesus touches our lives, and because of that, we impact the lives of those around us. Jesus does not only colour our world but causes us to then go and colour the world of those in our lives. That is the power, strength and message of the Colour Your World conference.

Christine Caine

Founder A21 Campaign