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Lexi's Story

“I wanted to share with you about my 12 year old girl Lexi. She happened to read about your ‘sanitary pad’ (Keep a girl in school) initiative in the Bella magazine and was so impacted. This is the email I got that same day from her:

“I recently read an article in a BELLA magazine about how Ugandan girls don’t have sanitary items to help them when they have their period. If this wasn’t bad enough, it also means that these girls can’t attend school when they have their periods, meaning their education is interrupted for about one week per month. After a while, they fail their classes because they aren’t attending them enough. Failing classes means that they can’t continue with their education, which is obviously not good because it means they would be lacking skills that are essential for their future.

 As a person that really values education, this upset me. Why is it that I have everything I need when they don’t even have necessities? Why is it that I can have an awesome future, when they can’t? I have decided to do something about this.

UGSIF (an idea that I just invented) stands for ‘Ugandan Girls Sanitary Items Fundraiser’.
I will raise $500 to provide 8 girls with sanitary items for one year, giving them a full education for one year.

 Some of my fundraising ideas are doing odd jobs, washing cars, collecting loose change and hosting a morning tea. Stay tuned for details!!!”

Well…. She went on organizing a morning tea event at our house- invited friends, baked for it, decorated, and even gave a speech about her initiative. She even found a ‘sponsor me’ website, set up a link for it all and did all this by herself….

Her goal was to raise $500 and she has so far nearly doubled that goal- just through one event! Needless to say I am super proud of her. I have been to Colour for 7 years now and can’t believe that my girl, who has NEVER been, has shown me that all it takes to make a difference.”