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"When God Spoke" - Ben Houston

May 24 2015

Hillsong Conference has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was one year old when my parents started this Church. I was four years old when we had our very first Conference. My entire life I have been in Church; heard hundreds of sermons; sung thousands of songs. As a kid I would read my Bible and say my little prayers before bed. But it was at Hillsong Conference in 1996 that everything changed for me… eternally. I was 14 years of age, in a school classroom as part of JAM (now Y&F Conference). Listening to yet another message like the many I had heard before. But this time something different happened… God spoke to me… not just everyone else, but me! All of a sudden it was as if it all clicked and made sense: I personally could have my own, real, genuine relationship with Jesus. I remember not caring that I was the pastor’s kid or what others thought. In that moment I decided to give my life to Jesus forever. I think about the journey from that day to now. I think about all God is doing in and through us in LA right now. I think about the insane adventure God has ahead of me. And I am forever grateful for that moment at Conference when Jesus became real to me.