"When God Spoke"

May 31 2015

The first line in the mission of Hillsong Church is “to reach and influence the world.” I have often wondered how is that possible? It’s just easy to be overwhelmed with the enormous need around the earth, and what seems to be an ever-increasing complexity from where I live in Australia.

Anybody that was in the session when Louie Giglio did his presentation called ‘Indescribable’ will remember it was unforgettable!

I was in a state of shock and, like most in the arena, I didn’t move from my seat at the close of the meeting for some 20 minutes. This is where I began to realise that God sees the same world we are all trying to reach, but from a different perspective. We look up and wonder who is going to help us. God looks down and sees a people He can use.

Joel A’Bell