2 Things to Remember as a Hillsong Conference Volunteer


Have you ever come across a waiter in a café who really did not like being there and obviously hated what they were doing? I once asked such a waiter whether he enjoyed working at that café and even though I did not mean to be cynical I got a death stare that made me realize: it’s time to pay and go.

There is no denying that the workplace experience of an employee in the service industry directly transfers to the experience of the customer. How? Because your workplace experience involves how you think and feel about your job and will, like-it-or-not, influence your actions, body language and words towards the customer.

As a volunteer at Hillsong Conference we want you to ENJOY conference for two reasons:

  1. So that YOU can encounter God and hear from the Holy Spirit yourself
  2. So that we can help ALL OF OUR DELEGATES to have the best possible conference experience.

So here is how YOU can make conference the most enjoyable experience for yourself:

  • Water, water, water… water is good for you, drink lots: 2-3 litres per day. We suggest for you to bring your own bottle as well as making use of the water provided in the volunteer area.
  • Eat well: a hangry team member is a liability and there is no need to be… tip: 1-2 boiled eggs for breakfast will sustain you longer than a bowl of sugary cereal! Also, low-carb protein bars are a good way to complement your lunches and dinners during the day.
  • Give yourself a break! Spending your entire breaks on social media won’t help you recharge. Don’t forget to switch off and….
  • Pray! To stay switched on to what God is doing and saying is what this conference is all about. This does not just apply for delegates but for you too! Don’t forget to bring your bible and check out an app like “bible verses” to keep your mind filled with God’s word.

So you ENJOYING conference as a volunteer is crucial! But just as in the service industry a happy worker is not all it takes to ensure a great customer experience. Why? Because it’s one thing to be HAPPY, but it’s another thing to be HELPFUL. If you meet a stressed delegate who was late dropping their juniors at Kidsong and can’t find their Seating Community, your “oh so genuine” smile and exuberant passion for the things of God won’t actually make their conference experience any better. Unless of course, you ENGAGE with them and find out what exactly they need and HELP them find what they are looking for.

A few points on how to engage and add “helpful” to your “happy”:

  • Stay cool, no matter how stressed a delegate or even team member might be. Keep your head above the clouds and respond with…
  • A smile. Psychologists have found that even a forced smile will boost your mood, relieve stress, have a contagious effect on others and even boost your immune system!
  • Ask questions. The art of ENGAGING with people is about asking the RIGHT questions. Taking time to ask a few more questions will show your genuine interest in helping the delegate, and will prevent further frustration when their actual needs are not met.
  • HELP!! The right information is vital! So, take responsibility to provide the right information to anyone who might need it. The conference diary should be your companion so know where to find the right info and take people where they need to go. Jesus didn’t just point the right way but said “come follow me”. Be like Jesus and all will be happy.

In advance, thank you so much for putting your hand up to volunteer at conference and make it a great experience for our delegates. Praying that YOU will have the time of your life!!!

Georg Pingel
Hillsong Conference Volunteers Team