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Kidsong Masterclasses, All About You

Often children’s pastors and leaders can feel isolated, like no one understands what they actually do!  They can be full of energy and enthusiasm to take the church forward but can easily get bogged down in the detail of what it takes to actually run a kids program every Sunday.
This does not have to be the case…

Hillsong Conference exists to champion the cause of local churches everywhere and this is why we are putting so much effort into the masterclass sessions that will build into kids pastors and leaders. Our goal in masterclasses is to give practical tools that can be applied to children’s ministries of any size immediately.  The masterclass sessions listed below are designed to show as much of Hillsong Kids as possible as well as answer questions you are facing now in your ministries.

Hillsong Kids LIVE
In ministry it’s important to do everything for a reason and a purpose. We will take you through a service of Hillsong Kids from start to finish, stopping along the way to discuss the ‘why’ behind everything we do a well as how we do it, from praise and worship and preaching all the way through to our small groups and leaders debriefs.

Children’s Ministry Questions
Hillsong Conference is about championing the cause of the local Church, your Church. So our Hillsong Kids team will be answering your tough questions of kids ministry, such as how to grow teams, keeping our ministries safe, staying relevant in an ever changing world for young people.

Click here to tell us what you want to hear about in this masterclass and we will answer your specific questions.