Masterclasses at Hillsong Conference

19 June 2015

At Hillsong Conference each year, our goal is to Champion the Cause of Local Churches Everywhere. One way we do this is through our Streams and Masterclasses. These practical sessions have been designed and crafted specifically with you in mind! Whatever area of church life you find yourself in there is a Masterclass aimed to encourage and empower you to build your local church and see change in your community. These streams are broken down into three different categories that we feel encompass a well-rounded church.

LEADThe Lead stream is created to equip many types of leaders: from senior leadership, team leadership, women in leadership, kids, youth, to business leadership. Each Masterclass is crafted to suit a more intimate audience and many times opens up to Q&A with many of our key team and guest speakers that host these sessions.

The Create stream holds sessions to practically equip and inspire creatives of all kinds. Create masterclasses address a wide variety of creative elements, including: Worship, Songwriting, Stage Design, Graphic Design, Production, TV & Film, Dance, Photography, and many many more.

The Help stream is for those passionate about making an impact outside the four walls of the church. This stream aims to equip churches, and individuals with knowledge and practical tools to make a difference. Topics include missions, community outreach, eliminating human trafficking, and more.