"When God Spoke" - Autumn Hardman

Jun 15 2015

My first year of Bible College, I had sung in choir in the morning on stage, and was rostered on to the refresh teams mopping the floor up on the upper concourse after the evening rally had finished, getting ready for the next day.   I remember clear as anything, singing away while I was mopping in an empty auditorium, up in the very top corner, and hearing God speak to me. He said that worship wasn’t about the crowds or the stage, but in that moment, with Him, my mop in hand, no agendas, no one watching, no stage or audience but Him—just my heart connecting with His. All He wanted was my heart, and that was my true worship.  I remember feeling like I had God’s absolute attention in that moment, and felt His presence like never before.  I was so impacted that I stopped mopping, got down on my knees, tears streaming down my face, and had the most amazing moment with God that night. It was a defining moment that has framed much of my life to this day as a part of our Creative Team.