"When God Spoke" - Chad Veach

Jun 3 2015

A definite highlight of the year is Hillsong Conference.

For me, it’s multi-layered why I enjoy taking the trip to Sydney each summer for the conference.

In many ways its a “family” reunion as some of our closest friends in the world attend each year.

Its a time to be inspired! When it comes to church, worship music, creativity and church leadership Hillsong Church is world class.

But in many ways, as I pack my bags and head towards LAX… there’s always an anticipation that I am most definitely going to HEAR FROM GOD!

I know God is going to speak to me at Hillsong Conference. Not because it’s Hillsong Conference, but because God is always wanting to speak to us.

I remember a Bible college professor saying years ago, “You never have to ask God to speak to you, God is always wanting to speak to you… you just have to ask for strength to hear His voice.”

There’s something special about setting a week apart in your calendar to hear from Heaven and receive His word both morning and night.

You get around God that much and pretty soon you’re going to get a “word” from God.

I can think of times that God has spoken to my heart at conference.

Some have been during worship, some have been during the preaching of the Word, and some have even come in conversations at the hotel… around a coffee or meal!

One moment stands out crystal clear to me from two conferences ago when Pastor Charles Neiman was preaching a morning session.

He was sharing out of his own life and what he had learned and experienced through the loss of his wife.

I’ll never forget God speaking to me that morning… I heard God say “You’re gonna make it through this.”

It’s moments like these that get me excited to see what God is going to speak, as I prepare to come back for this year’s conference!

You never know what He might nudge or urge us towards. That’s what’s so fun about this adventure.

Life with God is never boring or dull. He always has something great in store.

That’s why we are all declaring together… “Speak, we’re listening!”

Chad Veach
Zoe Church