"When God Spoke" - Hannah Hobbs

Jun 4 2015

I can clearly remember the week that I attended my first ever Hillsong Conference. It was 1999 and I was just 14 years old. A friend of mine had called my mum and registered me for conference. I had no idea what to expect.

Earlier that year I had made a decision to give my heart to Jesus. I knew that He loved me but I don’t think I fully believed that He had a specific call and purpose for my life yet.

It was in a high school hall somewhere in Baulkham Hills at JAM Conference (now known as Young and Free Conference) that I heard God speak to me for the first time. We were in an extended worship session and I was standing towards the back of the room… and in a moment I heard God speak to my heart about how He had called me to be like David in the Bible; and that I was going to be a leader in His house and that He had called me to write songs of worship that would draw people closer to Him.

Even though I was completely surprised that God would want to use me in such a big way, I had no doubt that it was Him who had spoken.

Now, sixteen years later, I am living out so much of what God spoke to me about that day and I am forever grateful for that moment when I first heard Him speak.