"When God Spoke" - Laura Toggs

Jun 12 2015

One of my favourite memories of JAM (which is now Young & Free Conference) was a few years ago when we did a session where a whole lot of students took over the session and began sharing their stories and testimonies, and some of the cool things that they were doing in their high-schools at the time. We had people like Bella Beach, who is pretty much a 16 year-old evangelist, share her story.

And I particularly remember a boy named Martin Sedra, who was about 16 years old at the time, who got up and began to preach and prophesy over thousands of young people. I just remember being so impacted by that moment. It was incredible to see these young people rise up and watch their destinies being marked by this moment.

It was evident that God has His hand over these students, and has a special calling and purpose for everyone. We can never underestimate what God can do, when we gather together.