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"When God Spoke" -Lydi Binil (City Campus)

I have been attending Hillsong Conference since 2009 (some years as a volunteer and other years as a delegate) and every time God has astounded me with the power of His Word, His presence in worship, and the way He continues to map out the plans for my life as I set time apart to seek Him. I remember one particular moment when God spoke to me, when Joyce Meyer was speaking on the power of forgiveness. She asked those who had to forgive someone in their life to stand up, and I knew that was for me. Before that, I had forgotten that I was holding on to so much unforgiveness towards people from eight years ago. As God spoke, I realised that I had to take action to set things right. When I stood up, something super-natural happened and I felt this impartation of strength to forgive those who had wronged me. As a result of listening to the voice of God, I can now say that I am free to serve God and to live a life filled with passion and purpose. Now when I look back at the years of Hillsong Conference, I can see how God has been molding me and teaching me, right from experiencing forgiveness, to the birth of new vision and dreams in my life. Hillsong Conference was where God spoke these moments into my life.