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"When God Spoke" - Sam Fagan

Jun 14 2015

Moments define & transform.

I had a one of those defining moments fifteen years ago. I was a quiet teenager, reserved and slightly insecure about myself. I’d grown up in church, attending Hillsong Conference since I was in diapers. But I was far from being certain about God or knowing Him for myself.

It was Conference time… and I was attending the JAM Youth Conference (now called Young & Free Conference), in an old warehouse in the middle of Homebush. United was leading worship (early days with long-hair, baggy-jeans, Joel on bass and Marty Sampson leading “All Day”), and I was 5 rows back on the side of the room trying to go unnoticed—keeping my distance from the enthusiasm of the “jump zone”. I can’t recall a specific song, but I remember that as worship filled the room I closed my eyes and raised my hands. And in a moment I felt God like I never had before. I was overwhelmed and began to “ugly cry”. I couldn’t control it. It was powerful and I sensed for one of the first times in my life that God had chosen me and marked my life to build the Church and to tell people about Jesus!

That was the start of a journey to now. Much has been unknown and unexpected, but through all the years that moment where God spoke to me at Hillsong Conference has been a point of reference for me to keep going & believe for more!

I cannot wait for what God will say at Hillsong Conference this year and what will be set in motion in my life and in our Church.