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"When God Spoke" - Steve Dixon

Jun 6 2015

Once Joyce and I emigrated from the UK to Australia one of the first things we did was to book our spot for Hillsong Conference 2004. I will never forget how God spoke to me before first night had even begun and before the first note of worship had been played. Our seats nearly touched the heavens. We were so high up in the venue I nearly had a nose bleed! But looking out across a packed auditorium of many, many thousands of people I began to weep, not for the lost, but for the found! God stirred faith in my heart for church to be building-bulgingly big. We had spent years planting churches in Europe but always in the hundreds before moving on to start again. But God said: “this is how I want you to see church – big and strong”. With one glimpse across the crowd and with one word from God, I have never been the same again. That God-moment at Hillsong Conference changed my faith, my vision, my hopes and dreams for the church forever. What I saw, can now never be unseen and what I heard can never be unheard. I never dreamt in 2004 that years later I would be part of the team building Hillsong church to be big and strong in Australia and beyond!