"When God Spoke" - Tarryn Stokes

Jun 17 2015

In 2007, my husband Paul and I were both volunteering at Hillsong Conference at Kidsong with Kids Creative and other creative areas. We were both at Hillsong International Leadership College that year and were definitely feeling the stretch, but during this stretch we were discovering ministry areas that God was calling us into. I remember running between venues, trying to be everywhere at the same time, and by the last night I was feeling pretty exhausted.

I was physically at the end of myself, and while walking down the hallways of the Arena, I vividly remember God speak to me about the heart and spirit of being a servant. I experienced such an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I had been given the opportunity to make conference an amazing experience for others!

I felt so humbled as I stood watching people from around the globe worshipping God, praying for each other, and witnessing hundreds of people having eternity-changing moments with Jesus.  It may have been just a little moment between me and God, but I know it has shaped an area in my heart that I hope continues to grow for all my days.