"When God Spoke" - Taya Smith

Jun 11 2015

It was 2007, I’d just had the worst year of my life. Despite my parents protests and being weeks out from my final HSC exams, I was desperate to go to Hillsong Conference. I’d never attended anything to do with Hillsong before but I just knew I had to be there.

Tragically, I’d lost four friends in a car accident that past year and had sung “Amazing Grace” at two of their funerals. I’d said I could never sing that song again and was wondering how I’d ever be able to move forward after such heartbreak.

Opening night of conference came, the room darkened and the opening bars of “Amazing Grace” started to play…

I couldn’t believe it, with tears streaming down my face, I sat there completely undone.

Every speaker in every session proceeded to personally speak into my situation. Each one, in their own words were encouraging me that it might have been the worst year of my life but God had so much ahead for me.

I will never forget those moments.

I felt like God had tailored the whole conference around me and where I was at.

I’d never seen the sovereignty of God at work like that before. To think that He would have moments just for me and for every single one of the 20,000 people present was overwhelming.

I will never forget Pastor Brian standing and declaring that our “Best is yet to come.” I was broken, yet I believed it.

I clung to it in the years following and I haven’t looked back since.