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Born for Greatness

Jul 27 2015

The more that you read the Bible narratives and see the people that God uses to establish His Kingdom rule on earth, the more you realize how great God really is. Why? What you find is that the great men and women of the Bible are normal people just like you and I and what makes them great is that they are used mightily by God.

Time and time again throughout the Scriptures we read of God’s extraordinary works displayed through ordinary men and women who simply had a heart open to be used by God. In fact, James says of Job: ‘You’ve heard, of course, of Job’s staying power, and you know how God brought it all together.” (5:11) And of Elijah he adds: “Elijah, for instance, human just like us….” (v.17). In both of these verses James simply points out that the only “great” thing going for these men of God…is God. Take God out of the equation and you are left with just two people in desperate need of God.

Our theme in Hillsong College is “You are Born for Greatness.” I believe that every man and woman on this earth is born for greatness, but, that greatness does not come from within us, it comes from us being found in Him. We are all born! But, when we connect our humanity to His divine will and purpose for our life, we find the reason for why we are born, namely, to declare and display His greatness on this earth. Hence, we are born for [His] greatness.

Pastor Brian in his ‘Church I Now See’ declaration states: “I see a Church graced with layers of once-in-a-generation type leaders. Leaders who are naturally gifted, spiritually potent and genuinely humble….” Three things stated here are characteristic of once-in-a-generation type leaders:

  1. They are Naturally Gifted: God has given each person particular gifts and talents in order to outwork His purposes on earth. Like children at Christmas, often we compare our gifts, and by doing so find ourselves devaluing the precious gifts God has given us.
  2. They are Spiritually Potent: The Apostle Paul tells the church in Rome to ‘never be lacking in zeal’ (Rom. 12:11). Being spiritually potent simply means, being empowered and reliant upon the Holy Spirit. His Spirit empowers us to live out His incredible will and purpose for our lives.
  3. They are Genuinely Humble: If we understand that God has gifted us and empowered us with His Spirit to outwork those gifts for His Kingdom’s sake, our lives will always be characterized by humility. We understand that without Him, we are simply born, but with Him, we are born for greatness.

Our humanity + His divinity = A life Born for Greatness.

Lee Burns
Executive Vice President Hillsong College