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Have You Ever Heard of Treasure Chest?

Jul 16 2015

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves…” Proverbs 31:8 (NIV)

Approximately 7% of Australian children have some type of disability, that’s almost 290,000 kids! Many families of our nation are coping with the challenge of raising a child who has a disability.

The Church NEEDS to be in the world of disability, we need to be supporting in any way we can, the families dealing with special needs. It can be a stressful and challenging road and just making it to church on a Sunday morning is exponentially more difficult than the average.

At various campuses around Australia we have a ministry called Treasure Chest. We want at the most basic level to make Church, if nothing else, a chance to enjoy some respite in church while our team love and care for their child, giving the child a great experience of church at their individual level.

Our first mission at Treasure Chest is to make it easy for families to come to Church together. Many families with special needs children are unable to attend together, leaving one parent at home to care for their child. I firmly believe that there are marriages together today because of the leaders who serve in this vital ministry.

This year we have made the most exciting step forward, for the first time in Hillsong Church we have been able to dedicate two rooms in our City Alexandria Campus in Sydney to the ministry of Treasure Chest. We are doing all we can to help families facing challenges that most of us could never even comprehend.

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We worked closely with the ministry of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas called Champions Club ( A brilliant ministry model that meets the developmental needs of children in three important ways, SPIRITUALLY, INTELLECTUALLY, and PHYSICALLY. They enlisted the help of several professionals in the fields of special needs and came up with a plan that would allow each child to be ministered to at their individual level.

If you know a family who just might be blessed by these facilities, show them this blog post we would be honoured to serve them! (For more info contact us at [email protected])

Our goal is to have facilities like this in every campus across Australia.

Here is the amazing story of the impact the special needs ministry has had on Lakewood Church in the US.