The Search for True Confidence

Jul 16 2015

The Bible tells us not to ‘throw away our confidence’ (Hebrews 10:35).

Well, sometimes we feel as if we don’t even have a choice in the matter. Sometimes it feels as though our confidence is ripped right out of our hands.

When life presents us with a series of rejections, set-backs and total defeats, it can be hard to even remember a time when we felt self-assured, let alone keep hold of our confidence.

And yet, these are precisely the kind of moments from which we emerge stronger. When we come face to face with our own failings we aren’t just reminded of the fragile nature of our own abilities, but also of the eternal goodness of God.

We can be confident that God will lead us, guide us and use us.

With that kind of knowledge burning within us, the prospect of taking risks gets utterly transformed.

If we’re taking risks for God, what’s the worst that can happen?