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The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!" - Casey Treat

Jul 9 2015

Dear friends,

The Spirit and the Bride say, Come!  What an encouraging and empowering theme and message. It says to us that God wants us, He’s calling us to Himself and He desires to have us in His presence. He first loves us and so the only reasonable response is to love Him. In fact everything in the Christian walk is in response to the goodness of God that comes to us first.

His grace came when we weren’t looking for it, His presence came when we were lost and without hope, His love came when we were still sinners. What a great God. I guess it is conceivable that one would die for good and honorable people but God loved us, came for us and loved us while we were still sinners. How good is Our God!

To be His bride is the most incredible calling. We are not just servants of God, that would be great. We are not just sons and daughters of God, that too is great. We are the Bride of Christ. Clothed in glory without spot or wrinkle, dressed in robes of righteousness. It doesn’t get better then that. Hillsong always reminds us of who we are and He has done for us.

When we gather together as the bride of Chirst in His house and in His presence, God can manifest His grace, healing, love and power in such amazing ways. It really is the most amazing thing. To be together at Hillsong Conference and to see the Holy Spirit moving through worship and the Word is awesome. Lives are changed, hearts are lifted, none of us will ever be the same.

See you at Hillsong 2016. The Spirit is saying Come!

Casey Treat
Senior Pastor Christian Faith Center