What If I Add My Faith?

Jul 30 2015

I am on the plane on my way back from our Hillsong Conference in London. I am so inspired by everything I’ve just heard. Actually, not just what I heard, but what I saw, felt, perceived and experienced… Conference is big, right? Yes it is. It is really big! And there is nothing like it. I am still young – or at least I would like to think I am. But I have been to the last thirteen Hillsong Conferences and have experienced the power of God´s people gathering. The Holy Spirit spoke and I encountered Jesus. Now I am ready to run and change the world. Yet I am on a plane, on my way back to my “normal” world.

I am thinking about the ‘To-Do’ list, the bills, which need to be paid, the light bulbs that need replacing, the conversation I need to have with one of my leaders, and the parents’ evening in school (I kind of forgot the last one). My parents, who I love, but don’t get to see that often; they really deserve my attention because they are awesome. Oh, did I mention that the cat needs worming, as well?

As I am thinking about all this, a big sigh comes out. Of course, my wife hears it.

“What’s up?” she says.

I reply, “I wonder how to stay BIG in a world which sometimes seems to try everything it can to keep us small.” 

She answers, “Just look at everything one at a time and imagine what it could look like if you would add your faith to it.”

I am slightly annoyed by the “holy” & “spiritual” answer, but have to admit: she is right (yet again).

What if I would add my faith to the bills, which need paying by praying and strategizing how to move our finances forward? What if I would add my faith to the light bulbs, which need replacing, believing that if I am faithful with the small things, God would entrust me with more? What if I would add my faith to the conversation I need to have with one of my leaders, believing that this will be a key moment in his life in becoming everything God has intended him to become? What if I would add my faith to the parents’ evening in school (you remember – that one I forgot)? I could set my mind on believing that I get to set up my kids to win in life! What if I would add my faith to catching up with my parents whom I love; placing value on them and expressing my thankfulness to them because they are awesome. Oh, and what if I would add my faith to my cat… Well, no, I got nothing there.

I know it has been said before that it is not the “BIG” moments which make your life count, but the everyday, mundane things in life. They seem so small and yet they are so big. The challenge is on, the struggle is real; how do we keep things in perspective and stay BIG?

If you are looking to this blog for an answer on how to do this, I probably have to disappoint you. The only thing I can say is you are not the only one who feels like this! But I am fully committed to this journey, ready to learn and ready to add my faith to what seems to be so small. After all, who are we to despise the small things in life?