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7 Tips for Raising Up a Youth Worship Team

Aug 4 2015

The youth are literally the next generation coming up through the Church, so it’s massively important to pour into, to disciple, and to bring the creativity/leadership out of each one of them to ensure the Church as a whole moves from strength to strength.

Here are just a few tips that I’ve collected while working in our youth ministry over the years, and we pray that they’d be such a blessing to you, your youth ministry, and your church.

1. It starts with you

Have a revelation of the importance and value of bringing through young worship leaders, musicians, and creatives. From generation to generation we commend His works, declare His faithfulness, and desire His glory to shine brighter & brighter… This means that we have a responsibility to genuinely champion the next generation, and our hope should be that they see and do greater things than what we have seen or done — all for the name of JESUS. (How exciting!)

2. Stop waiting and start developing

You have a team of young people who are just waiting for you to unearth their potential. There is a wealth of God-given gift, talent, and anointing within your youth ministry — identify them, believe in them, disciple them, and then release them. Be generous with your encouragement, time, and wisdom because they are worth your investment (and remember, God has a habit of using the unlikely and non-obvious ones).

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3. Teach your young people to honour

Honour leadership, honour people, honour the platform, and most of all — honour God. They may not quite understand the privilege, the weight, the responsibility, and the sacrifices made (and I’ve come to realise that this is NOT their fault, but rather the challenge of a generation being born into blessing), so tell them stories of the many faithful people who have paved the way. Guide them towards being grateful and remind them, remind them, remind them of WHY we do what we do, and WHO we do it for. (Be unapologetically repetitive).

4. There are seasons for releasing & empowering and seasons for reining-in & bringing back

Allow your young people to express their own unique sound and enthusiasm freely, but always bring it back to the heart of worship. Let them be confident, but prioritise humility. Allow them the honour of the spotlight, but also the privilege to serve in a capacity of which is unseen. (Perhaps the same person who worship leads one night could be the same person scraping chewing gum off the carpet at the end of the night).

5. Just do what you do, and let your young people in on it

Song-write with them, roster them on to co-worship lead with you, let them observe you during rehearsal, save a seat for them on the front row with you, invite them over to the odd family dinner…you know, stuff like that. The most valuable lessons are learned in a way that is natural & organic (and practical is awesome).

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6. Make it the most fun and exciting thing for your young people to be part of ever!!!!!

Make memories that will last forever!

7. Most importantly disciple your young people to JESUS, JESUS, JESUS

Point them to Jesus and allow Him to shape their hearts. He can do in a moment what we couldn’t do in a lifetime, so only ever and always point them upwards. In everything, JESUS…with everything, JESUS.