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Elisangela’s Story

Elisangela’s Story

Dignity with love, one mug at a time.

“I first heard of the ‘Dignity with Love’ 500 project at Colour Conference in London 2014.

From the start, my heart was broken for these mothers who were suffering and being ostracised from their communities.

Then, we were introduced to the work that Doctor Catherine Hamlin has been doing in Eastern Africa for decades now. Such an incredible woman, who dedicated her life and her abilities to helping other women get a second chance at a normal life, and who is still going strong at 90 years old!

When they mentioned the envelope dedicated to paying for 10 women’s surgeries, I started wondering about what I could do to change one more woman’s life. How could I help restore one more woman’s dignity?

“God, help me” was my first reaction! I don’t consider myself a “creative” person at all, so it was a real challenge for me, but I was confident that God could inspire me to find a way to raise funds, help these women and share their story.

And He did! Like small pieces of a puzzle, things around me prompted ideas that slowly came together. Pictures of various objects decorated with beautiful handwritten sentences, and then one morning at work, two simple, beautiful white mugs. That was it! Personalised mugs with handwritten verses!

Except, I had never done it before. But what if I tried? What if I started with one? And what if I shared the idea with somebody else?

That was my personal challenge: finding the people to share my idea with, and people who would buy the mugs. But above all, who would understand that it’s not about a mug, it’s about helping one woman at a time have her dignity restored.

It’s about lending a hand to moms just like me, and doing everything with love.
And so… It started! Some mugs to offer in the beginning… then… The orders started…
Some friends supported the idea ordering to offer in their work, others to send to friends overseas.
It also inspired another friend, who decided to help this project who started sewing and creating beautiful bags!

To date I have managed to fundraise 250€ for the 500 project!”

The Colour Sisterhood is a movement of everyday women, using what’s in their hand to make a difference for children, sisters and nations. Find tools and inspiration to Reflect, Respond and Rally to make the world a better place at #iamsisterhood