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Empowerment in Practise: Vision Rescue

Sep 23 2015

Empowerment; to make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights: 
synonyms: emancipate · unyoke · unfetter · unshackle · unchain · set free ·

Vision Rescue is a non-profit organisation that works in Mumbai on behalf of those who do not have the chance at the fundamental liberties others take for granted. Their mission is to “Empower people to find their purpose, enjoy their rights and live with dignity.” One amazing story of empowerment is of Asma Amzad Khan and her experiences with the Vision Rescue Community Centre in Shivaji Nagar.

Asma Amzad Khan, Shivaji Nagar (Photos from

Asma is a beautiful 24 year old woman who lives in Shivaji Nagar with her husband and extended family. Her husband works as a carpenter while she takes care of her two year old son at home. When she first came to the Community Centre, Vision Rescue staff noticed she was very tense, non-communicative and constantly in a world of her own. She didn’t seem to value herself, however after a few weeks of learning Mehendi (henna tatto) and tailoring in the community centre, and being kindly spoken to by the staff she began to come out of herself.

Some of the other women who were also learning Mehendi expressed that they wanted to be able to read and write. Asma, now a little more self-confidence than when she started the program said that she could teach the other girls and started a literacy group right there in the centre. Empowering Asma meant Vision Rescue didn’t bring an outsider into the community, but the community was able to find the answer themselves. Asma herself became the solution for her community. From feeling un-motivated and useless to becoming confident and driven, Asma now helps the Vision Rescue community workers in their outreach programs to change mindsets of the people who were just like her. Empowerment made sustainable change to that community possible.

Vision Rescue gives people like Asma the tools to build not only for themselves but also for their community. Partnering with Vision Rescue will help to see change happen, not in the distant future someday, but right now.

Through the Hillsong Foundation, you can be a part of empowering women just like Asma. What started as an invitation to a community centre to learn a skill became the catalyst for change in an entire community.