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Worship Pastor Resources

Sep 22 2015

These are some great blogs that our Worship team have written, from the heart and culture of our team. We’ve hand-picked them for you and your team, to inspire and equip you as you lead your church in worship.

We pray that as you read them, you might find God speaking to you!


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How to Deal With Difficult People in Your Worship Team (9 Things to Consider)
“Dealing with difficult people isn’t easy, but then no one ever said leadership was easy.” – Rich Langton

Building a Healthy Worship Culture
“Worship is a stance of the heart, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s reflected in every area of our lives.” – JD (Jonathan Douglass)

How to Do More with Less – 5 Big Ideas for Smaller Congregations
“Have you ever found yourself saying, ‘We can’t do thatif only we had more people/resources…we don’t have enough budget…that would never work here?’”

10 Practical Ways to Grow Your Worship Team
“Yes, it is difficult to grow a ministry, but it’s not too difficult. It’s certainly not impossible. Often all that it takes is a little tenacity and the right ideas.” – Rich Langton

7 Tips for Raising Up a Youth Worship Team
“Have a revelation of the importance and value of bringing through young worship leaders, musicians, and creatives.”

4 Ways To Care For Your Worship Team
“We’re called as pastors and leaders to care about our people, not just our outcomes.” – Matt Hann


Worship Team Tips for Everyone
“As Christians, prioritise your relationship with the Lord! Be someone who brings depth & authenticity to the platform.” – Cass Langton

10 Things I’ve Learned About Worship Leading
“You are unique and God speaks to each of us differently, so lead accordingly.” – Taya Smith

Worship Leading 101: Q&A with Jad
“We as worship leaders have a responsibility that not one person in the entire place misses out on the presence of God.” – Jad Gillies

The Platform: Leading from Wherever You Are
“The platform should be an overflow of the leadership and passion for Christ that already exists within us!” – Autumn Hardman

Music Directing 101: How To Navigate A Crisis
“If you’re prepared for anything, you won’t be panicked when ‘anything’ happens and when you need to navigate your team through it.” – Nigel Hendroff

How To Care For And Discipline Your Voice
“I hate to break it to you, but there really are NO quick fixes when it comes to caring for and disciplining your voice… but hopefully these tips will guide you in the right direction

Worship Leading 101: Growing In Confidence
“I have found in my own life that confidence is not always something that I necessarily feel, but rather it’s a decision that I make.” – Annie Garratt

How to Become a Better Musician
“When you worship with your gift from a genuine heart, it impacts those around you and helps you lead.” – Harrison Wood


How To Effectively Rehearse for Special Events
“It’s worth the effort, when it all comes together to help tell people the story of God in a new way.”

25 Confessions of a Worship Team
“We know that our mandate is to be worshippers – always, in everything, wherever we are.” – Autumn Hardman

10 Ways To Be A Better Audio Engineer
“Technology should always serve what we are trying to achieve in the service, not the other way around!”

6 Helpful Apps for Every Worship Team
“Make sure that the systems you choose actually serve your team, and not the other way around!” – Rich Langton