Jesus Christ: Born for Greatness

29 October 2015

Below is our Hillsong College Easter presentation in five parts.

This year at Hillsong College we have been exploring the theme – the reality – that we are “Born for Greatness.”

As our Executive Vice-President, Lee Burns, put it, we are born – but it is God who is great in us. Before considering the death and resurrection of Jesus we usually first consider who He was and who He is and quickly surmise that He was born a human but He wasn’t great because God was in Him. He was and is great – because He is God Himself!

The opening of John’s Gospel states “The Word became flesh…” The Greek for Word here is logos, which would have been understood by both Jewish & Greek hearers to refer to the Originator of the Universe Himself.  John continues that He “… made His dwelling among us.”  Wow! God no longer “dwelled” in a Tabernacle in the Wilderness, nor a Temple of Stone in Jerusalem, but had come to walk among us! During his radical ministry Jesus would announce that The Temple would be destroyed – but rebuilt in 3 days! His hearers thought he meant the stone Temple in Jerusalem and scoffed at the impossible suggestion. But he was referring of course to his own death on a cross and his resurrection on the third day.

Jesus turned everything on it its head: principally he confronted the so called “powers” of day – the Romans, the Temple-centric religious leaders, those caught up in getting ahead in the world and showed what real power was: it was stooping to touch the untouchable – including the outcast, healing the lame, the deaf and the blind – everything that the prophet Isaiah had prophesied (Isaiah 61:1-2) about the return of God, born for greatness, who would dwell with His people, defeat evil and establish His Kingdom once and for all.

Ultimately, Jesus demonstrated what real power was: the power (real greatness) of self-sacrificial love and undeserved forgiveness, dying on a cross He didn’t deserve, to the sounds of his mother’s heart-broken cry. Her cry resonant with the cry of all human anguish. Anguish he entered in to but triumphed over and liberated us from when he rose again, conquering the power of sin and death, liberating us to live in the fullness of His Kingdom Come, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

As Isaiah 52:7 puts it, the Good News is that “Our God Reigns.” He is our God. We are his people. His Kingdom People. And like Him we are enabled by His life-giving Spirit to love greatly, forgive the unforgiveable and announce His Kingdom in our world.

In the words of the Hillsong United song ‘Empires’ – “The time has come, the wait is over, the King is here – and His name is Jesus.”