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Our Top Blogs: Worship Team Leaders

Oct 8 2015

Here are the top blogs that some of our worship & creative pastors have written, from the heart and culture of our team. We’ve hand-picked them for you and your creative team, to inspire and equip you as you lead your church in worship.

We pray that they’re a blessing to you!

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3 Strategies for Training New Team Members
“Let’s be leaders who take up the challenge of including new people. Let’s be bold enough to build into others, share opportunities, and allow the team around us to grow into its full potential.”

3 Questions a Song Writer Should Ask Before Writing Another Song
“Our God is infinite, which means there is always something more to discover and always a new song to be sung.” – Ben Fielding

Items in Church Settings
“By using creativity in a way that inspires, we hope that Jesus is revealed and that His people will draw closer to Him.” – Tarryn Stokes

How to Effectively Roster Your Worship Team
“When looking at how to build a roster, no matter what model you use, here are some good steps to follow.”

How to Manage a Team of Creatives
“There is always a solution, even if you can’t see it initially.” – Autumn Hardman

The 100 Day Creative Challenge
“The 100 day creative challenge is a choice. It’s a line in the sand, a dedicated period of time.” – Cass Langton

One Faith. One God.
“True worship is defined by WHO we worship, not HOW we worship — Jesus is our common focus.” – Dean Ussher


ONE. WHY Do We Do Team Night?
“There’s something pretty unique about Thursday nights at Hillsong Church.” – Cass Langton

TWO. WHAT Do We Do At Team Night?
“Team Night is a safe place to try new things and push the boundaries of what we think is possible.” – Rich Langton

THREE. HOW Do We Do Team Night?
“We serve a God who is limitless in creativity so we want to create an environment where all types of creative people have a place to connect and be inspired.” – Hannah Hobbs

FOUR. Team Night Messages for Your Team (Download)
Messages that our leaders have shared recently at Team Nights. Each of them have helped to shape the heart and culture of our worship team. You can download and share them with your own team!


ONE. Creating a Worshipful Environment
“Our churches must be environments of worship. But most importantly, let us never forget Who it is we worship.” – Brian Houston

TWO. 10 Things I’ve Learned about Leading a Creative Team (#11 is my favourite)
“There’s a difference between the dreamers and doers and both have a valid and valuable place in the kingdom.” – Cass Langton

THREE. How to Deal With Difficult People in Your Worship Team (9 Things to Consider)
“Dealing with difficult people isn’t easy, but then no one ever said leadership was easy.” – Rich Langton

FOUR. Building a Healthy Worship Culture
“Worship is a stance of the heart, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s reflected in every area of our lives.” – JD (Jonathan Douglass)

FIVE. 8 Ways to Bring the Gold Out in People
“If Jesus did this, it must be good for us to do as well

SIX. 4 Ways To Care For Your Worship Team
“We’re called as pastors and leaders to care about our people, not just our outcomes.” – Matt Hann

SEVEN. 5 Things That Should Matter to a Worship Pastor
“The church doesn’t exist to build our worship teams… our worship teams exist to build the Church!!” – JD (Jonathon Douglass)

EIGHT. 7 Tips for Raising Up a Youth Worship Team
“Have a revelation of the importance and value of bringing through young worship leaders, musicians, and creatives.” – Laura Toggs

NINE. What Do Leaders Lead?
“Perhaps there are some areas in our team that are void of leadership…”


ONE. 10 Practical Ways to Grow Your Worship Team
“Yes, it is difficult to grow a ministry, but it’s not too difficult. It’s certainly not impossible. Often all that it takes is a little tenacity and the right ideas.” – Rich Langton

TWO. How to Do More with Less – 5 Big Ideas for Smaller Congregations
“Have you ever found yourself saying, ‘We can’t do thatif only we had more people/resources…we don’t have enough budget…that would never work here?’”

THREE. 6 Helpful Apps for Every Worship Team
“Make sure that the systems you choose actually serve your team, and not the other way around!” – Rich Langton

FOUR. The Hidden Gem That Many Worship Teams Are Neglecting
“We are very busy, and we don’t have time during the week to meet as a worship team, what can we do to continue to grow our team?”

FIVE. How To Effectively Rehearse for Special Events
“It’s worth the effort, when it all comes together to help tell people the story of God in a new way.”