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Open Heaven (River Wild) Song Story

Nov 29 2015

Matt Crocker and I were writing and we had various song ideas we were working on. I left the room for five minutes and when I came back Matt said, “What do you think about this?” He played the verse of ‘Open Heaven’ in its raw form. I was open to work on it and the song unravelled.

We played acoustic guitars and threw ideas backward and forward and glued the best ideas together. We know each other well so writing together is relatively easy. The two of us were in a flow, welcoming each others ideas and we caught most of the back and forth on a voice note recording. We knew we had something inspired so we spent the next few hours working on rough lyrics and finding the themes in the song.

Matt opened the Bible and read about the promise of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2. Matt focussed in on the part where it says “your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams”, and we discussed the realities of the Holy Spirit in that time and in this present day.

This song tries to honour the Holy Spirit and His role in our lives and the Church (that is so often overlooked in my own personal life). It is a call to connect with what we believe God is seeking to achieve on Earth right now. It’s an amazing thought that throughout the Bible, each generation were living in their ‘present day’ and often didn’t realise what God was doing around them. I don’t want to be guilty of that in my lifetime more than I have been already! This song is a call to our collective hearts to engage with God through the gift of His Holy Spirit.