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Colour 2016 Season Launch

Colour 2016 Season Launch

16 December 2015

From Bobbie

Hey everyone.

Well I thought our own Hillsong global family and Colour

Sisterhood friends would love a wee praise-report update from our recent “Colour 2016 Season Launch”.

In most locations, we extended two of the stunning Invitation brochures – one for each girl present, and then another to “seed and sow” to others. I want to thank my own remarkable team here in Australia for helping to carry and facilitate the vision so beautifully – and I want to thank all our Lead girls around the world for giving your finest to this season. Also to Christine Caine for giving two weeks of her busy life to speak across most of our European Hillsong Sisterhood United evenings.

The wonderful praise report is that just a shade under 24,000 girls gathered globally, with 1,050 decisions for Christ. All our locations went forward in attendance, spirit and enthusiasm.

I asked my international Lead Pastor girls to write a paragraph or two and send a handful of pictures (see below). These are truly wonderful and significant days and I’m profoundly excited for Colour next year. 2016 marks the 20year milestone and I know women from all across this world will gather, and then go from strength to strength into the future.

Be praying with us as we work hard in Australia to create a gorgeous conference, that will then roll out around the world … and let’s be praying that God will enable us all to steward perfectly what He has so generously entrusted. The Invitation is not exclusive, but inclusive and there is always room for you and your friends.

Love you heart and soul.


From Christine Caine

We earnestly pray for revival, believe for revival, hope for revival and have a huge expectation that we will see revival – but I have to admit there is nothing quite like watching revival unfold before your very own eyes.

For me personally, these past two weeks have been like a kiss from heaven. For 20 years, I have stood alongside our Senior Pastor, Bobbie Houston, as the Colour Sisterhood movement birthed, and then with each passing year, gained momentum throughout the earth. What was once a dream is now a stunning reality.

Watching the beautiful Invitation extended to capacity crowds in Konstanz, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, London, Lyon, Paris, Barcelona and Stockholm (and then cheering on as it was extended in Australia, South Africa, Moscow, Kiev and the USA) … I am in awe of the faithfulness and goodness of God.

Dreams really do come true. Miracles really do happen. To see a cathedral in the center of Lyon (France) full to overflowing with women on a Tuesday evening in winter – you can’t make this stuff up! I have never witnessed anything like it. The passion, zeal, hunger and excitement in women and girls from all nations and cultures, was truly a sight to behold.

The Sisterhood is alive, healthy, vibrant, strong, dynamic and grounded in the Body of Christ. Her foundations are proving strong and deep. We are only 20 years young and there is no doubt that our greatest days are ahead.

From Julia in AUSTRALIA

The big highlight in Australia was having Pastor Bobbie home (from a manic period overseas) to bring both the Word and the launch to our girls. Well done to Bobbie and our entire team for creating such a beautiful Invitation for our girls.

The entire night was a huge win for Sisterhood Australia, with our best-ever attendance. Being able to gather across our many campuses saw great buy-in from the girls, with our first-ever “United” night on the Gold Coast and Hobart, and a lounge-room link for the girls in Darwin.

From the fun-kick-off, to that moment where the girls received their personal Invitation (and then a second one to sow to others), to Bobbie’s message and passion for this message to find its way into countless others … the entire night was magnificent! Exciting days and we are all on board with this vision of placing value upon womanhood, in order to place value upon others. (pics below)

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From Lucinda in SOUTH AFRICA

My favourite part of Sisterhood was the passion, spirit and expectation the girls came with. They almost knocked one another over as they poured into the various venues. It’s incredible and it seriously inspires me! We have grown Sisterhood in South Africa to SIX locations now, allowing a greater layer of leadership to emerge and our reach to go further! The South African girls are seriously excited for the future, and we can’t wait for Colour. (pics below)

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From Laura in NEW YORK

Our NYC Colour launch this year looked a little different from other Sisterhood United nights. Venue complexities forced us to be both innovative and creative. Instead of gathering under one roof, in one venue – we threw “Sisterhood Dinner Parties”, with an army of passionate girls hosting parties in their homes. The girls ate, had fun together, watched Bobbie’s message from Sydney, and were presented with their beautiful Invitations.

The girls added their own personal flare to their mini-gatherings that then became a brilliant overall praise report. Many girls, who weren’t previously connected, got connected and we’re excited that many new friendships were set in motion. Bobbie’s message encouraged and inspired us … it also helped new girls engage with the global vision of Sisterhood. Everyone loved their personal Invitations and we are beyond excited to host Colour with Pastor Bobbie for the first time in the USA next year. It is our (USA) Mothers Day weekend – but we’ve all decided it’s the perfect weekend to celebrate women, moms (mums) and the mandate of womanhood. (pics below)

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From Cathy in LONDON

This year we held Sisterhood United Nights in SIX locations across the UK! As the Colour 2016 season begins, it was a collection of unforgettable gatherings. Hundreds of our girls joined together at each of our campus locations – Central London, Bermondsey, Guildford, Kent, Oxford and for the first time Newcastle. As always, receiving the beautiful Invitation was a highlight and we can’t wait to gather again at Wembley. (pics below)

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From Joanna in GERMANY

We had an incredible night, the presence of God was so tangible. The girls LOVED the invitations and especially the fact that we gave them TWO. They really understood the intention of sowing seed and creating highways home for people, there was a sense of revelation in the room.

It was my daughter, Mia’s, first Sisterhood United Night, and she slept with her seed Invitation on her chest. When she woke up the next morning, she told me she had had a dream about a school friend and her mum reading the stories in the Invitation together. Of course she gifted the invitation to this friend. I love it so much. If that happened in my family and God spoke so clearly to an 11 year old, I wonder what else He will accomplish with these beautiful stories. (pics below)

IMG_4883 185409_8b30175a57d7231IMG_4884 IMG_4885 IMG_4886 IMG_4887 IMG_4888 IMG_4889 IMG_4890 IMG_4891 IMG_4892

From Camille in PARIS

This year we gathered as normal in Paris. I love also that our Parisian Sisterhood were able to host women and leaders from ten other churches in Paris. We love the unity that Sisterhood naturally creates.

Another highlight was hosting Sisterhood in Lyon, South of France. We hired, and packed to capacity, a stunning local cathedral with a large group of girls joining us from the local Catholic Church. Many made first time decisions for Christ, which was so exciting. In both places we could have kept worshipping forever. Each night was stunning and we are more impassioned than ever to carry this message of hope and value to the landscape of France and Europe. (pics below)

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We had such an incredible night – women were lining up around the block with so much excitement and expectation to get into a sold out venue on a cold windy winter night! We had live music, a pamper zone, food and connection with one another in the foyer, which is normally used as one of the city’s most popular night clubs! Christine’s message was such a word in season for the women in Copenhagen – they loved her!

A highlight for me would have to be getting the Colour Invitation into the hands of everyone, and giving them an extra one to sow into someone’s life. I really believe that women sensed they are part of something much bigger than themselves – and that they have a part to play in the Colour journey. Women from around Denmark also came and we love that the Invitation was also extended to them! We are so honoured to be building the Sisterhood here in Copenhagen. We are with you heart and soul! (pics below)

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From Debbie in AMSTERDAM

We had a great night in Amsterdam. The presence of God was so tangible, Chris spoke a word in season for the Dutch/Belgium girls, and the girls really loved the Invitation-brochure.  We were in a new venue, which was really amazing.

One highlight from the evening: A young woman walked into the meeting alone. She is currently working as a prostitute in the red light district and was searching Google for information about human trafficking. She found the A21 campaign and decided to look up the founder, Christine. On the third or fourth hit, she found our Sisterhood United event. She decided to come and take a look. She said she wasn’t really into the ‘Jesus’ thing, but she was surprised by the way we treated every girl walking through our doors. She is thinking about coming to a service soon, so let’s keep her in our prayers! The girls in Amsterdam are excited for Colour 2016. (pics below)

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From Damsy in BARCELONA

What I loved most was the atmosphere of faith in the room. It was like the Spanish women were truly becoming a “force for good” – filling the place with their expectation, faith and hunger for God … you could feel it.  As well, the many crazy stories of broken lives accepting Jesus was incredible. I definitely loved the stunning Invitation moment … the girls absolutely loved it. We are excited to see Spain come alive to the blessing of Sisterhood. (pics below)

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From Lina in STOCKHOLM

We had a really strong night. God’s presence was there. The girls worshipped like never before. Most girls came from Stockholm but also some from other parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland. We had an incredible lean in from the girls. I am really excited that the Colour movement is not isolated to Stockholm, but is moving forward all over Scandinavia. These are exciting days for Europe. (pics below)

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From Lucille in LOS ANGELES

Our Sisterhood UNITED night in the Belasco Theater was such a significant night here in LA and from the moment we started, there was an amazing sense of God’s presence. There was a tangible lean in as we heard our Senior Pastor Bobbie share her heart for the girls collectively, and then to get them all on the Colour Conference page by giving an Invitation to everyone. It felt like the girls “got it” and some for the very first time. I honestly feel like it’s only the beginning for us. The girls are hungry and eager to rally together under the greatest cause on earth. Still buzzing. God is so good! (pics below)

IMG_0830 IMG_3302 IMG_4628 IMG_5355 IMG_5520 IMG_7769

From Natali in KIEV

Sisterhood United night was awesome! The opening creative item was so much fun! We heard a lot of comments like, “it was like a taste of Colour” and “it was similar to Colour”. I just haven’t a lot of words to describe all of it, but I really, really like it! God makes something new. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of it and we are excited for Colour Kiev in a few months time. (pics below)

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From Anya in MOSCOW

I love to see that the spirit of Sisterhood is growing here in Russia. And girls are becoming like real sisters and unite to change something. Maybe it is not so big compared the size of our city, but it’s a big joy to see this new spirit, relations and dreams. (pics below)

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I loved seeing all the amazing picture and reports. Makes me want to start Sisterhood here in South America already. I think you are all amazing.