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4 Keys to Build a Flourishing Kids Ministry

Jan 28 2016

Starting a Kids ministry requires a lot to think about. Kids ministry is an incredible opportunity to allow the children of your church to encounter Jesus for themselves, learn to love God and others from an early age, and to participate in a relevant and fun church community with their friends and family. Here are four keys to consider when building a kids ministry at your local church.

1. The vision of your Senior Pastor
When starting a Kids ministry at your local church, understand that you are not trying to build a separate church or organisation – you are trying to build the church. Before you begin, consider: What is the vision of the senior pastor? What is your senior pastor asking for from the Kids ministry? What would a vibrant kids ministry look like to the senior pastor?
There are a million different ways to do something right, and it’s important to consider what supports the vision of the senior pastor most effectively.

2. Finding the right leaders and team
Having a healthy team is key in helping your Kids ministry flourish. This starts with having the right people on your team. Remember that the right person isn’t necessarily the one who can make kids laugh, has the most energy or has the most time available. The right person can be a businessman, a parent, or even a high-school student.

The biggest question to ask when finding a team member is: Do they have the right heart to build the kids ministry?
Kids ministry is not babysitting. It’s about helping children encounter Jesus in a real way. Surround yourself with a high-calibre team that is sold out to ministry.

3. Having safety procedures and policies
As a Kids ministry, set the standards regarding who you allow to be on team. Ask questions such as: Why do they want to be in Kids ministry? Do they have any past experiences in working with children? How is their spiritual life?
Think about your recruitment process. How will you conduct the background check? How will you interview any references? What procedures required by the government? Think through clear policies and measures and have these documented.

This process is crucial because the safety of our children is of the utmost importance! One unsafe person in your Kids ministry is too many. Know what you need to do, not just according to your church, but according to the standards of your local and state government as well.

4. The culture you want to set
What kind of culture do you want to see in your team? Whether it’s passionate, fun or family- oriented, it’s your responsibility to be the culture that you want to see. Work out what kind of culture you want and be it. You get what you go for, so be intentional with what and the way you are communicating with your team.

Loving God and others from an early age
Having a Kids ministry in your local church is important so that you may teach children to love God and others from an early age. Through fun experiences, meaningful music and ministry encouraging children to participate, Kids ministry is about presenting Jesus Christ and His Church in a relevant way to the children of your congregation.

We encourage you to start a Kids ministry at your local church, and if you have, we hope this encourages you to take your Kids ministry to the next level!

This thought was originally shared at our Online Open Week in August 2015. Online Open Week is your opportunity to receive impartation and training direct from the Hillsong team through live online Google Hangouts.

If you would like to find out more about future events, including our upcoming Online Open Week in February 2016, click below.