Why I Want To Be Average

4 January 2016

I was just a kid when I left home and moved to the city for study. It was daunting and exciting in equal measure and it could have all gone wrong. I could have got overwhelmed. I could have got distracted. I could have seen my faith begin to leak away.

But thanks to a simple choice that I made, it all worked out so differently.

I had decided that in this new city where I was going to make a new start in my life, I would choose for my friends the most fired up Christians I could possibly find.

They say that we are an average of our five closest friends.

Their passions and their struggles, their successes and failings, they all leave a profound mark on us.

Psalm 92:13 reminds us that “those who are planted in the house of God will flourish”. Do we really want to settle for anything less than the sort of friends who inspire, challenge and captivate us?



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