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Bring on the Next 20

Feb 29 2016

There’s something deeply powerful about being a part of a God initiative in seed form, watching that seed being sown, watered faithfully year in and year out, and then growing into a flourishing movement that is literally impacting every continent on earth.

I’ve been woven into the very fabric that is the Colour Sisterhood from day one and have seen the impact firsthand. Countless conferences, events, ministries and initiatives have been birthed from this soil, lives impacted and churches radically strengthened and transformed. It is truly a sight to behold. It always has been and will continue to be undergirded by a commitment to prayer. We believe prayer matters & prayer changes things. When women are encouraged, equipped and mobilized for Kingdom endeavour, the world is a better place.

As we celebrate our 20th year, I have such an expectancy that God is going to astound us with His goodness yet again. We will discover that this is only the foundation upon which we are to keep building so that Jesus can keep reaching, impacting and transforming lives everywhere through women.

The first 20 years have been awesome but I say “bring on the next 20”. We are going from faith to faith, from grace to grace and from glory to glory in Jesus’ name!

Christine Caine
Founder A21