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The Two-Way Street

Feb 1 2016

The word Love is the most misused, misquoted, misunderstood and misrepresented word in the English language. It is demanded, longed for and fought for. Wars have been fought for Love. Bollywood and Hollywood make millions with this word as a theme. Philosophers try to de ne love. Romantics defend love. Young people are always on the lookout for love. Every religion talks about it and people are willing to travel the world to learn more about love.

What is love? Is it supposed to be gured out and understood?

1 John 4 Bible says “God is love. If you claim to know God and if you don’t love, you are lying.”

I believe that love doesn’t have to be understood or de ned but can only be experienced and demonstrated. God saw the only thing that can x this broken world is Love. The solution to the world’s problems is for everyone to experience love and to show love to those around .

God wants us to know that each of us are unconditionally loved by him. Which makes sense as he died for the sins of the whole world. Once we understand God’s love towards us we can be chan- nels of this love by demonstrating our love for others in our world.

I have 3 children who I am very close to. Recently my four year old was upset with me and told me that “He didn’t like me.” To which I replied “Benjy, even if you don’t like me I will” He interrupts me by saying “ I know, you will still love me.”

If an earthly father like me feels such joy knowing that my children know how much I love them how much more would our Heavenly Father rejoice in our discovering and revelling in his love.

Today my challenge into you is to keep the channel open. Be a two-way street where you receive and give of this amazing love. You may not understand God’s love entirely but you can de nitely experience it and pass it to on to all around.

Celebrating the people who are part of our Love Channel.

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