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1.     Read Baby Read is an initiative by the Hillsong Africa Foundation that focuses on providing literacy training and resources to underprivileged schools in Mitchells Plain and Gugulethu.

2.     In some parts of Mitchells Plain, literacy levels are as low as 10% and many children in these communities function 3-5 years behind their biological age.

3.     Issues such as poverty, fetal alcohol syndrome and the threat of gangsterism are faced daily by teachers in these communities.

4.     There are two ways in which Hillsong Africa Foundation supports the schools:

–       They educate and upskill teachers to improve literacy levels in the classrooms;

–       They provide reading resources to schools through purchasing individual books online and shipping directly to the schools to provide libraries.

How can you help:

1.     You can donate funds to Read Baby Read for upskilling teachers or buy books online to stock the libraries.

2.    Since the founding of the READBABYREAD project, 2,615 books have been donated to schools 6 primary schools in Mitchells Plain and Gugulethu.

3.    Our team measures the learner’s progress through a twice annual literacy test.

4.    In 2014 the Hillsong Africa Foundation (HAF) team hosted their first annual multi-school Spelling Bee, to help encourage learners to read!




1.     Shine is a personal development program facilitating the discovery of worth, strength and purpose.

2.     Shine is divided into Shine girl for schools and Shine women for adult women.

3.     Shine is committed to seeing females connected to positive pathways in their life and realising their true value.


How can you help:

1.     You can donate funds towards Shine to purchase ‘Shine kits’ for organisations committed to empowering and equipping girls with value and self-worth. It also gives them the opportunity to have Shine running in their communities and schools.

2.     In 2014, there were 40 courses with 1048 attendees, including venues in Mitchells Plain, Gugulethu, prisons, shelters, schools and universities. In 2015 they had 80courses running.

WAR – War Against Rape (

1.     WAR is a tool to raise awareness and provide education on the injustice of rape.

2.     It is estimated that over 500,000 women are raped in SA annually. Lack of awareness and education contributed greatly to this number.

How can you help:

1.     The WAR team, based at Hillsong Cape town, visited 7 schools in 2014 across the Western Cape in different communities and handed out 6000 WAR educational booklets and whistles as well as hosted talks to the students to educate them on rape.

2.     The team put together 1500 WAR comfort packs for rape victims in the Western Cape at various rape courtrooms and safe houses. They also renovated one sexual offence court premise where victims have to go to report and testify.

3.     You can raise funds and donate to make up WAR comfort packs for victims, which include necessities that they won’t always have access to including sanitary towels, soap, facecloths, clean underwear, clothes etc.

4.     Hillsong South Africa would like to partner with the local government to paint and renovate many of the sexual offence courts around the province as many of these are in very bad state.