Listen to the Youth: National Youth Week 2016

Apr 26 2016

National Youth Week is annual celebration for young people in Australia to give voice to their ideas, and address issues that impact their lives.

Our HYS team saw this as a perfect opportunity to launch their “Listen To the Youth” campaign. As a youth service, we encourage young people to discuss their needs, raise awareness of social issues, and offer practical solutions.

This year in most states, National Youth Week fell around 8th-17th April 2016. As a team we banded with PCYC (Police Citizens Youth Club in Blacktown to provide a connection point during the school term break.

The event saw over 200 young people show up to take part! It didn’t matter whether you were an amateur or a pro baller everyone had a shot at winning.

At a time where social media has become a main source of young people there has been a growing issue of social isolation for young people. We found hosting a fun event where young people could connect and build friendships through the bonding and universal language of sport was a hit!

This comp brought people from all around Blacktown together in one place to play basketball and make new friends, said Beshoi, a 17 year old from Team Metro Boomin.

“For me personally, the comp really changed how I see others and I made a lot of friends and hope this happens again soon.”

We also supported the local councils by being present at a number of their youth events and engaging with the youth. It is just so awesome to have the opportunity to create an environment where young people feel they belong. It is often as simple as proving a positive voice that helps to affirm them and encourage them to dream big.

We also continue to provide consistent support through our youth ministry, which hosts the largest drug and alcohol free event in the country every Friday.

Our heart is ultimately to empower and inspire the next generation to rise up and take their place and let their voices be heard in our nation.

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