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OUTCRY Update #2

Apr 20 2016

Here are some highlights and behind the scenes from our last few days of OUTCRY tour! We’re loving every minute of it, and are grateful for everyone who have come full of faith and passion to worship Jesus with us!


“That moment every night when @brianchouston starts to sing ‘Oceans’ and offers to give Taya the night off…”

IMG_0302 IMG_0316

@martinsmithtv and the whole Smith fam surprised us by taking over the praise party in the finale of our set!!!  Make sure you stick around to praise with us and the other bands that have been touring with us!


“No matter how good the mix was, or how awesome the lighting looked. It’s all about every ONE connecting with Jesus.”


“I think it’s pretty cool that every night on this tour our Senior Pastor Brian Houston has prayed over local pastors in each city we have been to! It’s a great time to be building God’s church! And it’s an important time too!”

IMG_7023 IMG_7033

“‘Obsession’ // @martinsmithtv wrote this song quite a while back and tonight he played a version of it with @jesusculture // this song has meant so much to me over the years and tonight it ripped through Nebraska and set hearts on fire // I’m very grateful that people are obsessed enough with Jesus to write such great reflective songs for worship // thanks Martin and JCulture.”


“Before each worship night on @outcry_tour we gather and pray together. Last night was both special and supernatural in Chicago. Thank you @shanequick for leading the charge. Grateful for your obedience and boldness. These nights are impacting many hearts, including our own.”


“I love when we get to ‘This I Believe‘ and the arena sings along together a unifying rendition of the Apostle’s Creed // regardless of different flavours across denominations, there will always be more that unites us, than the opposite.”


“It doesn’t matter whether you can see my face or not… As long as you can see the one I’m pointing too – #JESUS



“A very special moment tonight in our prayer meeting. Kari sharing about how the love of God is roaring over us….even when we are unaware….His love is for us…He is fighting for us. No matter where we find ourselves today… we are fiercely loved by God ? @karijobe


“Never been more challenged and encouraged to play my small part in this massive epic adventure… Pretty stirred and inspired by some of the people in this room to re-imagine what the Church could achieve [TOGETHER]… We are so much better together… There’s been levels to my revelation of that – and God is gracious to keep revealing more of who He is by using one another to sharpen and uphold each other…”

IMG_7282IMG_8276IMG_8332IMG_8588 IMG_0588IMG_3266IMG_3383IMG_3387IMG_4941IMG_3708IMG_5512IMG_5631IMG_8743IMG_5645