Why I'm Excited for OUTCRY Tour

Apr 4 2016

Here are 3 reasons I’m excited for OUTCRY tour!

Firstly, that 1,000’s of people will encounter the presence of Jesus and be given an opportunity to come into a relationship with Him – which I believe is the best decision you could ever make.

Secondly, we get to travel with our Senior Pastor, Brian Houston. He is a once-in-a-generation type leader that has changed my life with his anointed leadership, love for Jesus and His Word. I’m excited for people to be encouraged and challenged by what Pastor Brian brings each night.

Thirdly, I’m pumped about the unity that OUTCRY brings. It is a God idea (‘where there is unity God commands a blessing’), so to be apart of a tour that allows all different kinds of people from different church backgrounds to gather with different worship teams whose unified, collective purpose is to point people to Jesus through music – it’s refreshing. There’s no competition, no fight for attention, just people running in their lane for God and cheering on others as they run their race.

I can’t wait to see what God does in and through these nights ☺️