Audio Engineer Training from Behind the Scenes

May 4 2016

During our 2016 Colour Conference in Sydney, we took the camera around to a few of our key audio engineers, and asked them to share some tips from their expertise. ¬†We hope it’s helpful for any of you that serve behind a console, whether it’s a Front of House, Monitors, or Broadcast desk.

Michael Cuthbertson is one of our FOH Engineers. He has been part of our team for the past 20 years. His experience and knowledge helps bring out the gold to our team.

Justin Arthur was part of our FOH team for Colour Conference 2016. He works as a systems/FOH tech for most of our Conferences. His role is essential to our FOH Engineers as he is one of the brains behind the designing of our PA configurations for each event.

Reid Wall is the Monitor oversight for our Conferences. He also tours with our Hillsong Worship team as the monitor engineer and leads our audio team at our Brisbane campus.