Indian Cultural Night

5 May 2016

Dazzling lights, shimmering saris and an array of traditional attires filled the atmosphere on Friday night at the Hills Campus in Sydney. Kids squealing with excitement, women bringing in their delectable home cooked meals and men bubbling with laughter – the Indian cultural night had pleasantly commenced.

Cultural Pastor Kim Brinsden opened the event with a grand welcome to the celebration of the rich Indian subcontinent. From Fiji-Indians to Sri-Lankans, South African Indians to North & South Indians, it was quite a treat watching these distinct nationalities unified as one.

After the greetings the women laid out the food, which instantly flooded the room with some spicy aromas. “All this food makes me very nostalgic and reminds me of Mum’s home cooked food” reminisced Seraiah, a Sri Lankan student who studies at Hillsong College.

After supper, the group gathered together for a quiz contest, which was shortly followed by a sari wearing competition. Laughter filled the atmosphere as men attempted to wrap saris around themselves hoping to outwin the ladies. After the winners were declared, some of the young children promptly took their positions on stage for some Bollywood dance performances. The crowd cheered as young boys and girls swirled and moved to some Hindi tunes. “Music and dance are a significant part of my culture and I can’t wait to go and dance soon after the children are done grooving” quipped Kathryn Nair, one of the Fiji Indians who is an active member at the Hills campus.

After the customary dancing tradition the night turned out to be a huge success. It concluded with people volunteering to help clean and pack-up and a pleasant sense of community that formed so quickly. “My favorite part was watching the younger generation imbibing their ancestral heritage inspite of being born and raised in a foreign country” said David Hunkler, one of the guests with a Swiss background.


Here’s a video of some of the highlights from the night.