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My Colour Conference 2016

May 4 2016

Just around 100 girls from Copenhagen and Malmö descended on London last week for Colour Conference 2016. It was encouraging, inspiring, emotional and beautiful. Read some of our girls’ words about it here:


It was such a hard week – the week upto conference and the week before actually. I was so emotionally low, I started questioning many things and just felt down. Colour was incredible – God was on the move healing and restoring me.

It’s amazing – I am celebrating 20 years of being a Christian – the same year as we are celebrating 20 years of Colour conference – that’s pretty special!

What a journey I’ve been on. Colour has been a place of reflecting on the journey that has been the past 20 years for me and getting strengthened for the coming season.

I had a really special moment at the pamper zone. I stumbled across this area where you could be prayed for and this woman just stopped and said “You are beautiful” to me. This was really an extension of God’s hand – He was saying to me that I am beautiful – be at ease Jaci. I just felt Him saying “Relax, I’ve got this.”. This was really a theme for me throughout the conference.

Colour Conference was totally worth it. It’s been amazing – I’ve had surgery of the heart and had fun while I was at it!

  • Jaci



It was my third year at Colour and to be honest – nothing is gonna take me away from coming! Everything is amazing – the teaching, the openness, the fun! And the best part is that it’s so not only about these two days – it’s about the Sisterhood and about the things we take home with us. God spoke to me so much and I just tried to write everything down so that I can use it in my everyday life afterwards.

I feel so empowered and encourage – the atmosphere is just outstanding! I’ve been crying and I know I’ll be weeping for another 2 weeks! Girls – buy waterproof mascara – that’s my best advice!

It was just an incredible experience and God has done so much!

  • Lina



It’s the first time I’d been at a conference for only women and it’s been so beneficial! I feel there’s a big difference in the experience of the Holy Spirit that I have when we’re only women gathered together.

It’s an intense experience in the best way – I was very emotional and touched. It’s as if I just felt in myself what other women were going through and what God was doing in them.

It’s been a truly special and touching experience!

  • Lene



I don’t think that I have ever felt more encouragement, confidence, and value in who I am, and who we as a sisterhood are in Jesus. Come to think of it don’t think I ever felt more a part of a global community of women fighting for the same cause and living for an amazing mission. Like wow it’s all I have been talking about it since I got back! I am looking through my pages and pages of notes from these 2 and a half days in London, and I am still so impressed with the beautiful eloquence of this conference. Our Senior Pastor, Bobbie Houston has been hosting Colour Conference for the last 20 years, and this year was an incredible celebration of this legacy.

The care and intricate detail made this conference unforgettable. From the AMAZING volunteers, to the music, the community and tokens of wisdom passed on to a group of European girls (plus one Californian ;), I can easily say that this conference was a turning point in my relationship with Jesus.

  • Christina (read more of Christina’s story on her blog here)


Thank you for sharing with us ladies! This year was amazing and next year will be even better – join us then!