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OUTCRY Tour Highlights

May 2 2016

Here are some highlights and behind the scenes from the end of OUTCRY tour! We’ve loved worshipping Jesus with all of you and our friends Kari Jobe, Martin Smith, Jesus Culture, and Elevation Worship!


“What an incredible tour. Thanks to @shanequick for believing in the future of worship in this country. We feel honoured to share the stage with some of our favourite worship teams. More love than ever for you @elevationchurch @jesusculture @karijobe @martinsmithtv” – Reuben Morgan


“What I get to be apart of is so much bigger than myself or any one person, it’s not about me. I’m so humbled to be here, even if from afar or up close. May you always be seen, Jesus” – Taya Smith


A few days, flights, and countries later… Thinking of this crazy bunch of people that became family the last couple weeks on @outcry_tour … They are some of the most legit, humble, gifted, extraordinary people. Onstage, offstage, convos about life, s’mores in the carpark afterwards, trips to the zoo, green room chats, coffee adventures, late night bus grocery runs, praise party shenanigans, segways, Q+A wisdom for days, those prayer mtgs, endless encouraging words, and I could go on. Thank you for being you, and for leaving an imprint on my heart.” – Autumn Hardman


“Leaving this tour impacted and grateful to be part of the Church… Love the #outcrytour fam and can’t wait do it again sometime!!!” – David Ware


“I’m coming away from this trip with a very full heart. So thankful to have had the chance to hang out with so many special people and meet so many new friends It has been so fun and so encouraging to just hang out with everyone. Also, it was an huge honour to be able to see our senior pastor @brianchouston speak hope and life into people, with so much passion, every single night. Who knows what will come from these nights….maybe only eternity will know. Thousands and thousands of stories I am sure. Crazy to think that God knows and loves every single one of us. Feeling very hearty right now
Thank you @shanequick for everything. Outcry is so special and all about empowering local churches and I love that. Anyways…I love everyone haha”
– Hannah Hobbs


“OUTCRY // it was seriously so good to be part of this tour with all of the teams involved. Loved getting to meet and befriend the other crews. @jeffreykunde@dustinsauder @lancegatch@kevinneilsmith @joeysigna you boys are the real deal! Long live the Guitarmy! // everyone else, mad love // #outcry2016 //…. And special thanks to @brandonaaronson@josh_fisher78 @chrisquilala for opening my ears to new forms of worship that I could but love.” – Joel Hingston


“Leaving feeling refreshed and with A LOT of new friends! See you all next time!” – Alex Pappas


“There’s nothing quite like it; where friends, new and old, become like family, where life is spoken over you, where your heart is encouraged and enriched by the lives of many others. There’s nothing quite like the @outcry_tour – to be apart of building the only thing Jesus said He would build – and I’m mighty thankful to be apart of a special tour that is doing just that, building The Church with a big C. Where there is unity God commands a blessing and I’m so thankful to be amongst that fruit of @shanequick and all others that helped to put #Outcry2016 on – if you weren’t there I’m so sorry – we had a blast – all I can say is don’t miss the next one & I already miss all my fraaaands so I’ll just post a few pics cos I just love them. Nothing like doing life with Jesus hey” – Taya Smith


“Thinking about Church which is happening right now back home in Aus – but I feel like church came with us on tour! Every night you pour it out and give it everything you have got @brianchouston and genuinely I see people receiving the word of God and allowing it to change their lives! Pouring it out every night is always better when you do it with people who will go right there with you.” – David Ware


“We have good friends! And one of them is @karijobe who was kind enough to come and lead Oceans in the absence of Taya who was feeling a little under the weather! THANKS KARI for the last couple of worship nights – you were amazing!”


“It’s been so fun having all our new friends and family join us on stage for the praise parties !! #drummersfordays#3keysplayers #2bassrigs#everyonecandance #jeffreyisgonnagooutonthesubs #joshcanheadbangtoo #wemissthesmiths #themorethemerrier #welovetheseguys #outcryfamily #gonnamissthem – Autumn Hardman


“The prayer meetings were by far my favourite moments on tour; prayerful, worshipful Selah moments with Jesus collectively. Also, so thankful to know this guy @reuben_morgan – he was another level of awesome this trip. Thankful for your leadership Reubs” – Taya Smith


“Just looking back last few weeks, what a life changing time it was. Met a bunch of likeminded people, we worshiped together, prayed & celebrated together, played & danced together, eat & coffee together, cried & laughed together. So many golden memories made out of the tour. I am so humbled & effected by you all. I pray for heaven open & season of overflow of blessings for all individuals and the team @elevationworship @jesusculture @martinsmithtv @karijobe @hillsongworship @premierproductions & thanks for made this all happen and lead us in an incredible way @shanequick @ryanromeo @brianchouston …Thank you all from the bottom of my heart” – Jihea Oh


“Errrry night this guy and @jesusculture take it to another level!
I’ve loved having the privilege to worship with them every day!”
– Alex Pappas


“Tonight was so good! Thousands of people getting together to worship God. Pastor Brian inspiring people to live the out the big God dreams in the heart and to believe for unusual miracles….. and to top it all off….Harri was in beast mode” – Hannah Hobbs


“Outro of ‘Alive’ last night was so so fun. My ears were crowded with goodness once @josh_fisher78@theaustindavis @lukewhoelse and @codycarnes jumped on the kit!” – Harrison Wood

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