A miracle in motion

On Tuesday night at Heart and Soul, I stood in tears as Pastor Phil prayed for people in difficult situations. I can’t remember his words but I know standing there with outstretched arms and with three beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ laying hands on me and praying for me, God set His miracle into motion.
That afternoon I was told that I would be let go from my job. The situation lacked fairness and integrity and I had stood my ground to not go with it.Backtrack two and a half months. I arrived in Cape Town after a miraculous open door for a dream job. That Sunday I walked into church bewildered yet full of anticipation. I was greeted and made to feel welcome by Beth from the moment I walked through the door. After the service I signed up to serve as I knew this is the church whose DNA I want to be part of. Then God made a way for me to attend Colour Conference. He also supernaturally made a way to get the flat I had seen while still in Durban but was told was unavailable.Fast forward to Tuesday night, I did not know how everything was going to work out but I was filled with peace as I entrusted it God. He hadn’t brought me from Durban for no reason.
This afternoon, the owner of the company came to my office and spoke to me. She had been away and was unaware of what was happening. She said the situation was unjust and apologised on behalf of the company; she asked if I would stay on. Not only that but I will be put on the managerial mentorship program as well as getting an increase!HOW GOOD IS OUR GOD?

He is attentive to our lives and hears our prayers. Never have I had a Scripture become so alive. Ps 36:5-6: “God’s love is meteoric, His loyalty astronomic, His purpose titanic, His verdicts oceanic. Yet in his largeness nothing gets lost; not a man, not a mouse, slips through the cracks.”

I know there are new roads and new rivers in this season, not only for me but for lives that are touched and what God will do through me.  I hear His whisper, “This is your new normal.”

Nosipho Mkhize



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