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Jun 15 2016

LOVE. Within every single one of us exists the desire to love and be loved. We were created by LOVE, to be loved and to love others.

So there is an undeniable craving to satisfy the longing in our soul with LOVE… In fact, we were created in such a way that we can’t possibly live without it. But our ‘want and need’ is a funny thing that can often lead (or mislead) us to fulfil this need with what I’m gonna call ‘tainted loves’… the mortal kinda love and relationships we have here on earth.

And these kinda ‘tainted loves’ – well, we would cross the farthest oceans and climb the highest mountains for them. These kinda tainted loves keep us wide-eyed through the night and our head in the stars through the day. These kinda tainted loves give us butterflies and make our hearts skip a beat. They cause us to put our hearts on the line and they are real and beautiful and really beautiful… but they can also be disastrous. These kinda tainted loves have at times left us broken, abandoned and disappointed. They have knocked the wind out of our sails and caused the world around us to become a blur. They have been earth shatteringly painful. This love as we know it has let us down and if we’re all honest, we’ve let LOVE down. We have all, at times, been the perpetrators… the heartbreakers.

We’ve judged too quickly. We have failed to forgive. We have been careless and confused. We’ve rejected. We’ve forgotten. We’ve given up too easily. Our waywardness has led us astray. BUT… regardless of our personal stories… Is it possible that a perfect heavenly kinda LOVE exists? A LOVE that is so grace-fuelled… He forgives and then forgives again – that even on our worst day He loved us all the same. A LOVE that is so kind… He wraps His arms around us amidst our deepest hurt and brings healing to our wounded hearts, A LOVE that is so patient… it perseveres and waits longingly desiring intimacy with us. A LOVE that is so unfailing… we can fall freely into Him, trusting Him with every fibre of our beings. A LOVE that is so strong… its force puts storms and quakes to shame and it cannot and will not be shaken.

This LOVE… this REAL LOVE… He has a name… and His name is… JESUS. He is PERFECT in LOVE… Because HE IS LOVE. He won’t misuse you or misguide you. He won’t leave you nor forsake you. He won’t be here today and gone tomorrow. His eyes are loving, His arms are open and He loves you just as you are, totally and completely. He lets the sun rise each morning with mercy… because He loves you. He makes His presence readily available… because He loves you. His Word is to edify… because He loves you. He lifts you out of the dirt and places a crown on your head… because He loves you. He places dreams in your heart… because He loves you. He sings over you… because He loves you.

This is the REAL LOVE that we are talking about. His name is Jesus … and His REAL LOVE looked like so desiring a relationship with you that He stretched out His arms of love, shed His blood and died on a cross… for you.

This REAL LOVE is the ONE true love. He lives. He longs for your heart. HIS WANT IS SIMPLE… It’s you.

x Laura