The Stories - Part 2

Jun 23 2016

There are billions of people in the world and every single of them has their own story. We love to hear the stories of lives changed by grace.

Meet a few of the people who have experienced God’s blessing and found good friends whom they now call FAMILY.

“I’ve been part of connect groups since the very beginning of church, and there’s just something special about seeing people taking their next step and doing life together. There’s really not a week that goes by without someone sharing an awesome story of what God has done. And it’s those stories that make building His house worth it all.”


– Jonathan

“Ever since I started coming to Church regularly, I’ve been part of the Creative team. I love that I get to do what I love, while serving God. To see people experience and grow in God’s grace is life changing. It’s amazing to be on a team, with so many legends who know that God doesn’t need us, but he WANTS us to build His Church and home in Copenhagen. It’s encouraging, purposeful, a true party and it has changed my life for good.”


– Louise

“I still remember my wife dragging me to the very first Hillsong service in the Jazzhouse. Before that I was battling depression, I was confused about the direction my life was going and looking for an escape. Since that Tuesday night, God has thrown open the flood gates, healed me of my depression, blessed me with a healthy son and recently opened a door down the hall of our global house in Hillsong NYC”


– Dallas