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When Songs Become More Than Songs

Jun 10 2016

One of my highlights every year at Hillsong Conference, is hearing the church SING. I love when the songs become more than just songs, they become anthems of revelation for everyone.

Last year I remember our team teaching the song ‘One Thing’ after an evening rally had finished. Some parents had left to pick up kids, but most people stayed and continued to worship. We’d finished singing the song through, but continued to play the chorus as an instrumental … after a few seconds, the entire auditorium began to clap and sing the chorus as if it was their own song…

“All I know is, everything I have means nothing, Jesus if You’re not my one thing…”

It was an insane moment of worship, one that was led by the church, and one that for me, was defining.

The goal of what we do in gathering people for conferences and events is never about the event, or great music, or great preaching, it is always about those moments of revelation and encounter with Jesus. Those moments, both corporately and individually, define and shape people’s destiny. I’m personally so excited about coming to Hillsong Conference this year — I’m excited about the new songs, the album recording, the amazing speakers and teaching, but most of all, I’m excited and expectant for the presence of God.