Encounter 2016

Encounter Conference is only ONE week away!!! The passion, hunger, & expectancy of every high school student and young adult is incomparable! From literally the first song the atmosphere is electric. The expectancy people come with literally breeds an atmosphere where the presence of God never fails to blow us all away and leave us forever changed.  We believe for REVIVAL to break out at Encounter 2016.  What happens at Encounter won’t stay at Encounter but spread throughout our Nation, into the highways and the byways, Universities, High school halls, Communities, Homes, and Workplaces of everyone who attends.

All is takes is one moment in the Presence of God and something shifts. An ember sparks, as God breathes on every individual walking through our church doors. One of the things Tyron and I love most about Encounter is all the personal stories. The stories of turning points, lives changed, moments that leave many different. All it takes is one moment for God to fix or shift something no man can. I personally always go into Encounter expectant for that personal moment. That shift. That still small voice that’s completely undeniable. An encounter with God that will change me forever. We are praying that many will experience an encounter that sets them apart forever and defines their bright future!

In 2 Corinthians 3:12-18 it speaks about how when we turn to God veils can be removed, things that complicate our view can be pushed aside. Vs 17 says, “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” We believe that every young person, volunteer, leader that walks into Encounter will experience a new found freedom. A freedom that leaves them changed. A freedom that defines them as unstoppable. We believe that fear, issues, brokenness and struggle will be traded in for true freedom! We are convinced that something significant is about to take place and we implore you to come and be a part of it!!

This is REVIVAL.



Rachael & Tyron Whittaker // Hillsong Church South Africa