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of Dirt and Grace

Jul 20 2016

One of the things we wanted to do intentionally was re-imagine the songs within the fabric of the landscape where their inspiration walked and turned the world on its head…

WATCH: PRINCE OF PEACE (Live in Houston)

So recording OCEANS & CAPTAIN on the Sea of Galilee as the sun crept up over the horizon was an experience we won’t soon forget… But perhaps one of the wildest aspects to the experience was that we hadn’t pre-arranged any of the songs. We would literally turn up to a spot, and while our incredible technical team was scrambling to lay cables, set up mics and generators, and the recording equipment, we would be figuring out how we would play the songs.

It was as raw and organic as the landscape around us, everyone would jump on a different instrument, and we would figure it out, and as soon as the tech guy were set up, we would simply jam on the song a few times and that was it. The amazing thing was the pressure of it all somehow took all the striving out of it, we just played and let the moment and the Spirit and the landscape take over…

I guess that’s what after all was said and done remains our lasting highlight of the experience. It truly felt like God’s wind was blowing the sails… Our prayer now is that the same Wind would take this project wherever it needs to go…